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Not-For-Profit Organizations
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Not-For-Profit Organizations

Many not-for-profit organizations are struggling with the challenges of increasing government regulations, and steadily declining contributions. Yet these organizations are critical to the success of our community. Without them, many dreams and goals would go unfulfilled. Our firm is committed to helping these organizations succeed.

The struggle to maintain the correct balance between fundraising expenses and total operating costs, and complying with the requirements of government grants and other funding, can be overwhelming. Our team is trained to understand and recognize the unique challenges many non-profits face. Our experience with 501(c)(3) organizations reaches across all classifications. We have worked with cultural, social welfare, religious, healthcare, educational, private foundations, trade associations and many more.

In a small effort to support the not-for-profit community, Gunnip & Company's engagements with non-profit organizations are structured in such a way to be cost effective, thereby giving our clients the best quality of service available while keeping costs as modest as possible.

Our not-for-profit services include:

  • Application for, and maintenance of, tax-exempt status
  • Audit, compilation or review services
  • Periodic financial reports
  • Internal accounting control systems evaluation
  • New accounting standards recommendation and implementation
  • Establishment of financial controls and reporting systems
  • Perform feasibility studies and due diligence
  • OMB A-133 audits and reporting requirements
  • System development to track earnings and restricted net assets
  • Management advisory services
  • Tax compliance
  • Functional expense allocations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Special projects

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