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Advisory & Consulting

Gunnip & Company provides advisory services to assist businesses in mastering the internal management and administration of their operations. The purpose is to allow business owners to focus their attention on what matters most to them, the profitability and core operations of their business. We can provide consultation to business owners at all stages of the business life cycle.

Many times, business owners will collaborate with us to utilize our professionals as their "controllers on call." We believe consistent communication is the key to successful business planning, because our professionals can only properly advise a client when they truly understand the business goals of our clients. Our team strives to work closely with our clients and their other professional advisors such as attorneys, banking or financial advisors and insurance advisors to ensure successful business plans are generated, developed and implemented.

Our team utilizes their collective experiences to recommend solutions that work for each client's particular situation. Business Advisory services provided by Gunnip & Company include, without limitation:

  • Business Plan Generation, Development and Implementation Guidance
  • Financing Planning and/or Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Development, Design, Implementation and Ongoing Consultation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Asset Purchase or Lease Analysis and/or Asset Sale Analysis
  • Incentive Compensation Planning
  • Business Tax Planning including Multiple Jurisdiction Tax Planning
  • Business Valuation
  • Merger/Acquisition assistance

For more information on our advisory services, please contact:

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