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International Alliance

The world is getting smaller every day and, accordingly, our clients’ business interests have expanded throughout the globe, requiring us to position ourselves in a way that can assist them quickly and efficiently, wherever their needs may arise.  In order to compete in this world market, we have chosen to align ourselves with an international association of independent accounting and other professional services firms around the world.

MSI Global Alliance is ranked among the Top 20 Accounting Firm Networks in the world and offers access to the interrelated expertise of accountants, auditors, lawyers, tax advisors and other specialist professionals within over 250 member firms across 105 countries worldwide.

When you choose Gunnip & Company as your accounting firm, you obtain access to over 8,000 professional experts - each of whom have a unique approach and experience that can meet your specific needs.  Some of the ways this alliance may serve you and your organization include:

  • Access to legal and insurance professionals worldwide
  • IFRS reporting or US GAAP to IFRS reconciliations
  • Financial reporting between foreign parent or subsidiary companies
  • Coordination of internal auditors
  • Strong network of International tax advisors
  • Tax Planning for Cross Border Transactions
  • Foreign Tax Credit Planning
  • Expatriate Tax Services

We may choose to work with an affiliate member firm on your behalf to ensure you receive sophisticated local expertise supported by global professional relationships, as appropriate for you.

We invite you to watch the video below to see how Gunnip and MSI can assist you in your worldwide operations.


Experience is the Difference®