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Special Purpose Entity Management
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Special Purpose Entity Management

Delaware Management Services, a division of Gunnip & Company LLP, manages, on an outsourced basis, business entities including special purpose subsidiaries limiting business activities to Delaware, and it provides a variety of corporate management and administrative services necessary for entities to maintain and limit their business presence to Delaware. These services enable our clients to focus on the broader business issues faced by an affiliated corporate group while Delaware Management Services handles the Delaware business operations.

Outsourced Business Management

Delaware Management Services will not only assist clients limiting their business activities exclusively to Delaware, but will also perform management, accounting, tax and general administrative services on an outsourced basis for business clients operating in and out of Delaware.

Director, Officer and Employee Services

The personnel of Delaware Management Services have the professional experience and background that enables them to serve as independent directors, corporate officers, and/or part-time employees for special purpose subsidiaries and other business entities focusing on business activities in Delaware.

Management, Accounting, Tax and Administrative Services

The corporate management and administrative services Delaware Management Services provides its clients include:

  • Corporate management and governance oversight including the management and hosting of stockholder, board and management committee meetings
  • Incorporation and entity formation services
  • General ledger accounting, preparation of trial balances and workpaper maintenance
  • Preparation of Delaware annual reports/returns and other tax filings and/or returns and pro-forma tax data for use in preparation of tax returns, and in conjunction with the Gunnip & Company Tax Department, a broader range of tax services are available
  • Maintenance and storage of corporate records including corporate minute books, intellectual property documentation, loan receivable documentation, and other corporate records
  • Checkbook management, accounts payable processing and similar treasury related oversight
  • Payroll services
  • Other corporate management and administrative services typically performed by full-time staff can also be arranged

Office Rental, Conference Facilities and Telephone Services

Delaware Management Services can provide subleased, shared or semi-private office space to clients and entities that prefer to have a Delaware business office address. The subleased office space is accompanied by the use of conference room facilities as may be needed from time to time. Telephone service and answering service can be arranged, as well as office leases with mail forwarding only services.

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